School Bus Safety

Most children injured by school buses are not riding one; they are outside or around the bus, where drivers can’t see them.

School bus safety tips

Safest way to cross the street

  • Crossing rules: Look left, then right, then left again
  • Always cross at the corner, in the crosswalk
  • Never cross between parked cars

At the bus stop

  • Arrive at the bus stop at least five minutes early so you don’t have to rush.
  • Wait until the school bus makes a complete stop, the door has opened and the red safety lights are flashing.
  • Make sure nothing is loose or dragging that can get caught in the doors.
  • If you drop something near or under the bus, never go after it. Instead, tell the bus driver.
  • Do not stand in the street to wait for the bus.

Before you step off the school bus

  • Make sure nothing is hanging from your bag that may get caught on the handrail.
  • Look for cars before you step off the bus and make sure they are stopped.
  • Be sure the bus driver sees you before you walk across the street. Most drivers will let you know when it’s OK to go.
  • Beware of the danger zone: 10 feet all around the bus. The driver can’t see you in the danger zone.

Download our Bus Safety brochure

Our Bus Safety brochure is available for download in multiple languages: